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Offering you a genuine opportunity to run your own highly profitable online turnkey business opportunity.



Now in its 5th year of business, World Travel Portals is one of the world's leading Internet Travel Franchises, with over 250 franchises operating in over 30 countries worldwide. By allowing others to profit from running their own franchise, the world network of turnkey travel sites has grown and grown. It really is simple to operate a World Travel Portals franchise, and the potential is genuinely staggering.

“I had almost 1000 paid advertisers” - Former UK site owner

Franchisees keep coming back for more and then more!

Many people have bought a World Travel Portal franchise and come back to buy another and then another. Some have as many as five or six!

Ask yourself these questions:

We can guide you towards realizing these aspirations; whether you are looking to start small with realistic and fast return on investment, or are looking to invest in a master franchise with huge returns, World Travel Portals is the business opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Do you relate to any of the statements set out below?

“I want to work in the comfortable surroundings of home”
“I want to be more flexible in the amount of time I have to spend with my family”
“I’m worried about my job in the present economic climate — the future is uncertain and I need more financial security”
“I’m fed up with office politics and using up my time and skills making someone else wealthy — I want to be my own boss”
“I’m expecting to retire soon — I don’t know if I can rely on my pension to deliver what it has promised”
“I’ve experienced redundancy — I don’t want to be in that position again”
“I want to take charge of my life and release my full potential”

Running your own World Travel Portals site is a concrete way of addressing these issues, working as a springboard to a better quality of life.

Why be in the online travel industry — and why now?

Recent years have seen massive growth in internet usage. It is now estimated that just over a billion people now have access to the web worldwide, an increase of around 180 percent since 2000. Since the advent of more secure methods of purchasing products and services online, there has also been an upward trend in the consumer uptake of web-based travel products and services.

active online usage

A study by Score in April 2005 revealed that 35 million US consumers used search engines to research travel options in that month alone. Equally important, these people also spend their money online as well as their research time — of this 35 million, over 30 per cent went on to actually purchase a travel product within eight weeks of their initial research. Of these purchases, 80 per cent were made online.

The conclusion you can draw from these figures is simply that the online travel business is still a burgeoning market with plenty of potential. Can you afford not to be involved in this exciting industry?

Working From Home

ONLINE TURNKEY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITYThe work from home business on the internet has become a rapidly expanding market in recent years. Search results for ’work from home’ given by the most popular search engines are as follows:

Google — 4,240,000,000
Yahoo — 943,000,000
MSN — 106,000,000

As you can see, that’s a huge amount of resources to evaluate, the question is how do you identify the genuine opportunity you are looking for? We have asked this question ourselves and come up with the following answers:

Question: Is there healthy demand for the product/service?
Answer: Yes, online travel-related businesses display some of the highest growth rates amongst internet companies. There is still much room for expansion in this market.
Question: Does the business have a proven, successful model?
Answer:Yes, World Travel Portals sites are an ongoing success story, but their individual success is dependent on the amount of time and effort you put into them.
Question: Does the business have an earnings potential from day one?
Answer: Yes, the system and setup is in place to start running the business from day one.
Question: Can I decide how much time and effort I invest?
Answer: Yes, these systems are so automated you can run them on a part-time basis. You can, of course, work on them a lot more or less. The beauty of these sites is that you can put the time in as and when you want to, depending on your circumstances.
Question: Can I trade without having to handle a lot of stock?
Answer: Yes, unless you wish to sell stock, there’s no need to worry about controlling stock.
Question: Can I operate the business without outsourcing work or hiring employees?
Answer: Yes, these sites are designed to be easily operated by a single administrator, so there’s no requirement for extra staff for the day to day running of the project.
Question: Is the business a readily re-saleable resource?
Answer: Yes, as you run the site, steadily adding to the content and client base, you are constantly adding value to your asset, making it an even more attractive business as time goes by.
Question: Can I administer the business without specialist technical knowledge?
Answer: Yes, these sites come as a complete package with many automated features. They are online turnkey business opportunities, meaning they are ready for immediate use. Once you have familiarised yourself with the controls, it’s just as easy as operating Word.
Question: Is the business respectable?
Answer: Yes, in running a World Travel Portals site, you are providing a quantifiable service to your customers and users.
Question: Is there potential to expand the business?
Answer: Yes, each new customer to your site will be a fresh source of revenue, adding to your stream of income and growing your business. Many customers have purchased more than one site, creating their own network of sites and thus increasing their potential profits.
Question: Can I expect a healthy return on investment?
Answer: Yes, however, the success of any business is always determined by the dedication of the entrepreneur running it. Please refer to the income projection models below.

Read on to find out why we believe this is one of the best online franchise opportunities available today.

This is not a ‘get rich quick’ work from home opportunity!

Like anything worthwhile this opportunity requires time, effort and a willingness to learn. In return it can provide you with the kind of rich rewards and job satisfaction that only running your own business can provide.

A brief history of World Travel Portals

In early 2000 I formed a started an experimental travel website called for the UK, originally set up as a small information site selling regional UK brochures only, the site grew in order to capture a large online travel and information audience with an appetite not just for brochures but a whole range of travel products and information services.

From feedback and emails I soon discovered that a definite niche existed in the online travel market for a network of easy-to-use international travel sites offering quality travel products within a wealth of tourist information. With the correct balance of content and service, it soon occurred to me that a massive growth opportunity to service a vast online audience existed.

Working from my bedroom and in only a few hours a week I soon had over almost 1,000 paying advertisers on the British Site. With the success and money generated from the UK site we wasted no time in applying the same lucrative formula to create an international network of over 200 branded tourist websites representing every country in the world and every US state. The World Travel Portals franchise opportunity was born.

Now in its 5th year of business, World Travel Portals is one of the world's leading Internet Travel Franchises, with over 250 franchises operating in over 30 countries worldwide. By allowing others to profit from running their own franchise, the world network of turnkey travel sites has grown and grown. It really is simple to operate a World Travel Portals franchise, and the potential is genuinely staggering.

So what is the Opportunity?

franhise opportunityWorld Travel Portals offers you the chance to run your own highly profitable online franchise business. Unlike so many other business opportunities, we have a proven track record of success; our company itself was built using the very same business model.

World Travel Portals has created a worldwide network of travel websites called Aguide2. Franchises exist for each country and US state e.g.,

Each World Travel Portals site is a complete stand alone package. The information contained is displayed in travel guide form, including the resources to preview restaurants, bars, museums, art galleries, venues and forthcoming events. All this content is pre-programmed and ready to use from day one of your purchase.

Your visitors will also be able to easily book accommodation, tours and activities online.

There is an easy to use content management system, so you don’t need any technical knowledge to manage and maintain the site, if you can operate Word, you can run one of our sites. Each site has a control panel where you can edit copy, add new pages and sections, as well as managing all your advertisers and links.

“Wow — the system even keeps track of contact details and has an excellent email marketing management system!” - Owner
“I was a little apprehensive at first but it is so easy to use that I soon became confident …” - Owner

Advertisers and links are the key to the financial returns on this business. The main income is from hotels, restaurants, bars and shops advertising on your site. The process is both simple and automated, advertisers simply fill in an online form with all their details and images, and then they are taken to a secure credit card form where they are debited the annual fee. There are also 5 banner zones set around each site, where you can charge other topic related companies to display their links.

“I had over 1000 paid advertisers” - Former UK site owner

Alternatively, you could become a master franchisor, and operate a whole portfolio of World Travel Portals sites which will cover a whole region (ie. South America, Pacific region etc.)



Lets take a look at how you earn money from your franchise website. Income generation is split into 4 main areas as detailed below:

Accommodation, Restaurant and Shop Listings (Average Charge £150)

These three main listing income zones are a key revenue source for the site, dependant primarily on accommodation listing displays. All are completely automated systems that allow travel providers to upload and display high quality advertisements and listings for 12 months having full access to amend anytime.

Banner/Feature Advertisements: (Average Charge £80)

Content rich sites with high visitor rates, World Travel Portals sites are the ideal platform to vend feature and banner advertisements. All sites come with this inbuilt system and we can also assist to deliver paid advertisements to your site from day one.

Holiday listings (Average Charge £30)

A system to offer chargeable displays of holiday deals for defined time periods, again totally automated.

E-shop (Average Charge £20)

The e-shop allows you to source and sell travel books, guides and in fact any product at all. A business in its own right, the e-shop section is again fully incorporated in each portal site; it is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalogue front-end and an administration tool backend.

Now, let’s look at some revenue projections for your business.

The average listing/display charge is £80 so with only 50 listings per month you’d have a monthly income of £4,000 that’s £48,000 per year.

“I had over 1000 paid advertisers” - Former UK site owner

Lets look at what happens as you start to increase your monthly listings:

Listings per month Average Price Monthly Revenue Yearly Revenue
50 £ 80.00
£ 4,000.00
£ 48,000.00
100 £ 80.00
£ 8,000.00
£ 96,000.00
200 £ 80.00
£ 16,000.00
£ 192,000.00

Based on the above, and with the average cost of a website, the franchisee only needs 9 listings per month to recover their investment.

The more time and effort you put into your World Travel Portals site, the more return on investment you can expect. In addition, as you source more advertisers and add content, you are adding value to the site which will be realised if you decide to opt for re-sale in the future.

Here at World Travel Portals we don’t say ‘good luck — and goodbye’

The World Travel Portals team are very much hands-on in terms of offering support and training. Ultimately it is you who runs the business, but we are here, online, to help.

“I get all the help and advice I need on the business aspects of the site as well as the technical stuff …” - Owner
“WTP promote/sells attractive functional and affordable websites that offer the purchaser the opportunity to expand their own ideas to promote their site. WTP are approachable, patient and friendly, their after sales and customer service has been excellent, second to none really.” - Ed & Emma van der Avoird (Connexxion International Limited) Huntingdon
“Extremely helpful, committed and knowledgeable team who make the whole process of starting a business a much less daunting prospect.” - Owen Giles London

We are confident that there are few home based business franchises which offer the same income generating features as we do. Run your own profitable travel portal and improve your lifesyle, contact us to today, before you miss out on this unique online turnkey business opportunity.

These sites are sellling quickly so don't delay, purchase a World Travel Portals site and become part of our success story.


If you would like to receive further information and/or apply for one of our exclusive franchises and find out if this is the right online turnkey business opportunity for you, then simply call the number below or click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for the time you have spent reading about this great opportunity. Our sales team look forward to hearing from you soon.



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